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Thread: view and modify database records

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    May 2005

    view and modify database records

    i am building a store program, where users makes request which are approved or rejected by the manager.

    i have an Access database table named "request", one of its fields name is "status"
    the status can contains values "pending", "approved", "not

    now i want a user to view only those records whose status field value is "pending", this user will then modify the status field to approved or not approved.

    can we do it with ADO? at present i am getting all the records present in the table

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    May 2005
    i put this statement as cmdText in the recordsource and it is working

    select * from Request where Status ="Pending"


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    May 2005

    now can i use 2 adodc objs in same form?

    hi all, now i am some additional problems.....

    now as the storekeeper is getting all the request with status as APPROVED,

    he is able to do delivery by clicking on the "Issue Item" button. after which the status field is changed to "DELIVERED" in the database.

    Now i want to decrement the stock table's quantity field for the related product. Please note that we are up to now dealing with the REQUEST table, but now in the same form i need to display the current stock level of the item to be delivered and then to decrement it by the qty issued and update the database table.

    i already have one adodc object linked to the request table. How can i have the stock's quantity displayed. these two table are linked by ItemId which is the primary key in the stock table, itemId is the FK in request table.

    i tried putting another adodc obj but there is no synchronisation between the two.

    help needed please

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    May 2005
    only one object did the trick, i used sql statement

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