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Thread: problems with multiple related tables on a datagrid

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    problems with multiple related tables on a datagrid

    Problem: The below will display: home_name, person_id, person_name, person_age, person_job
    field records with no problem. However when i re-create da1 to input tb3 & tb4 and select
    the company_name field to show on the datagrid as well, it doesnt display any records. The
    relationships are created in the MS access already and when i used data adapter query builder,
    the relationships are there as well, am i missing any steps?
    Private Sub frmResults_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

    'da1 is a data adapter that has 2 tables: tb1 & tb2
    'i used to drag the oledbdataadapter to select fields using sql query builder
    'the datagrid will show eg: home_name, person_id, person_name, person_age, person_job

    dataview = ds.Tables("tb1").DefaultView

    'dg is datagrid with dataview as DataSource
    dg.Datasource = dataview

    Table: Fields
    tb1: home_id, home_name, home_type
    tb2: person_id, person_name, person_age, person_job
    tb3: company_id, person_id
    tb4: company_id, company name

    any advise will be appreciated!
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