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Thread: Help in Deploying Java to the WEB

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    Unhappy Help in Deploying Java to the WEB

    Hi everyone. I am in a bind. I am trying to deploy java on my server. I want to capture some information from the visitor to my site, for example, name or location. I then want to capture that input from the user and pass it to a java class. This java class would then perform some function and return something to the user. I already have the class, but I am yet to find a workeable interface between the web and java. I have tried PHP, but everytime I try to call a java class, my APACHE server gives an error message that an unexpected error has occured, etc. I have the latest PHP, MYSQL, and APACHE installed. I have tried all combinations of PHP and JAVA, but to no avail.

    I am now considering using another server side language, but I am unsure of 1) what to use, and 2) how to use it. Also, 3) does anyone know why my APACHE crashes when I try to interface PHP and JAVA.

    All I need is a server side language to interface properly with my java class and run it and give the user the output.

    Your help is greatly needed. Thanks.

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    Its a bit unclear what you want to do....
    If client interactions shall not result in data being stored on the server then you
    can implement your java processing in an applet.

    If its your server then why can't you use java servlets ?
    eschew obfuscation

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