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Thread: Using a div element with table columns in an XSL sheet

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    Using a div element with table columns in an XSL sheet

    I'm new HTML,XSL,XML. Basically, I'm new to anything having to do with web pages. However, I have a problem regarding HTML div elements. I have an XSL stylesheet that correctly reads and XML file and formats it accordingly. It has a main body (i.e. <html> and <body> tags) and some javascripts. I start off my file by having a template match. This is where i have my html and body tags. Within my body, I have a table. I basically have a table tag with no cells. Between the table tags I do an apply-template call to apply it to certain elements. When I finish this main section of my code I start applying various templates (i.e. template match = ""). This is where I start forming my cells. However, what I want to do is create a div element so that I can hide and show the first column. In the end, I'm outputting a table with many rows but only two or three columns depending on the data. What I want to do is hide and show the first column. I can add a div tag to the first column in each different template (where the cells are being created with the data), and furthermore, I can use the "display" property to hide it at page load. However, I can't dynamically hide it or show it with a javascript function at the click of a button. I tried it out with a regular web page and it works the way I want it to. However, with an xsl stylesheet, when I create the table in the various templates the div element does not work. I'd appreciate the help. Is there something different that prevents a div element from working properly in an XSL stylesheet?


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    hey, just wondering how you solved your problem? I need to hide rows in a table and show/hide them using javascript. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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