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I am looking for a solution to a problem regarding web service. I want to call a web method of a web service, but I donít want to use wsdl nor can I generate the proxy class. The scenario is that, in my application user can fill in the web service address and the method he wants to execute and I have to get the results.

I have some solution to this problem. Right now i am using WSE to solve this problem. My code is:

Dim uriMe As Uri = New Uri("soap.tcp://localhost/TestWebService:80/MyService.asmx")

Dim epMe As EndpointReference = New EndpointReference(uriMe)

Dim receive As ReceiveData = New ReceiveData
Dim sSend As SoapSender
Dim env As SoapEnvelope
Dim uriTo As Uri
Dim epTo As EndpointReference

receive.LoadTesterForm = Me
SoapReceivers.Add(epMe, receive)
sSend = New SoapSender
env = New SoapEnvelope
env.Context.Addressing.ReplyTo = New ReplyTo(uriMe)
uriTo = New Uri(WebServiceURLTextBox.Text.Trim)
epTo = New EndpointReference(uriTo)

'env.Context.Addressing.To = New To(epTo.Address)
env.Context.Addressing.Action = New Action("soap.tcp://localhost/TestWebService:80/MyService.asmx/HelloWorld") '"URI:http://localhost/TestWebService/MyService.asmx/HelloWorld")
sSend.Destination = epTo ' CType(epTo, Microsoft.Web.Services2.Addressing.EndpointReference)()
Catch ex As Exception

End Try

Now i am getting an error with SOAP Action. What should we pass in a SOAP Action.

If you could help me in this, that would be great.

Waiting for reply,

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Sumit Domyan