Hi frnds,

I am a newbie in ASP.Net..

I just want to know the reason Why it is said thath ASP.Net server controls are more faster than HTML server controls?

Let me make you clear abt my doubt with a simple example. Say we need to change the caption(text) of a button or change the text in a textbox in runtime in an ASP.Net page.

In classic ASP we can achieve this with very simple and fastest javascript statements.

But in the case of ASP.Net controls, since all of them hav that "runat=server" tag,the code execution happens in the server side. So almost all the ASP.Net server controls by default initiates a server round trip(postback).

ASP.net controls always needs a postback to do its intended function. The same can be achieved thru clientside script?..cant we avoid this unnecessary roundtip?..

Postbacks or Server Roundtrips always have a bad effect on a site rt??...Its actually a last choice to be done

What i felt is that..the ASP.Net helps speedup the coding process for the programmer, as it is eazy to code the server events than in classic ASP. But rest everywhere i felt, classic ASP (HTML) controls are faster. I dont kno whtr i m correct or not. But what i felt is ASP.Net server controls always initiates a server roundtrip which is not the case with HTML controls..

But then how come it is said that ASP.NEt server controls are much faster than classic ASP HTMl controls?... what ever features it says(like caching or just in time compilation..etc etc..).. will those be fast as equalent to a client side script??

I am actually going to start a new project of porting a classic ASP project to ASP.Net. But im in a confusion of which control to be used..

Please let me have 3 or more views abt this basic qstn..

Thanks in advance