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Thread: XQuery String Searches

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    Jun 2005

    Thumbs down XQuery String Searches

    I am trying to do a web page search against a large XML file with the following format:


    I'm using a Stringbuilder to build my XQuery statement like so:

    Dim xmlColl As New XQueryNavigatorCollection
    xmlColl.AddNavigator("[XML File]", "file")

    Dim query As New System.Text.StringBuilder
    query.Append("for $node in document('file')//person ")
    query.Append("where ")
    query.Append("fn:contains($node/firstname, 'Pe') and ")
    query.Append("fn:contains($node/lastname, 'Euga') ")
    query.Append("return ").Append("{$node/FirstName}")

    Dim expr As New XQueryExpression(query.ToString())
    Dim s As String = expr.Execute(xmlColl).ToXml()

    When I try to execute this, I get the Microsoft.XML.XQuery.XQueryException "Expected 'RETURN' where ( encountered." From the examples I've seen online, it looks like the syntax is correct but the exception makes me think otherwise. Can anyone help me out? It's driving me nuts. Any help would be much appreciated.
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    Found the answer

    I've found the answer and it's a little embarrassing - take off the "fn:" and you're good to go

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