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Thread: Problem with loading .aspx page.. Please somebody help me at your earliest...

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    Jun 2005

    Exclamation Problem with loading .aspx page.. Please somebody help me at your earliest...

    I am a newbie in ASP.Net but a professional classic ASP programmer.
    i have some problem in creating an application. Please some one help me out.

    The scenario:
    I have a default.aspx page which has 2 vertical frames in it. The first frame is the menu frame which shows the hyperlink menus. The right frame is the content page where it displays the corresponding page according to which user clicked in the left menu frame.

    i created this default.aspx with left frame page as "LeftMenu.htm" and the right frame page as "blank.htm". For both these frames i hav given html pages, only to reduce the overhead and increase the page loading time, and there is no server events to happens. Its just that user clicks in one of the hyperlinks in the left frame, say "Country list"
    and the corresponding CountryList.aspx file loads in the right frame.

    Is that okay to hav .htm file which hav menu links to correspongding .aspx files initially ?..or should i change my design so that the menu page itself is an .aspx?

    My main question is:

    in the left menu.htm i have a hypelink as
    <a href="CountryList.aspx" target="main">Country List</a>

    Here when we clicks this hyperlink, the "country.aspx" is loaded in the right pane. Now when the user click this same hyperlink again(in the left menu page), that is for the second time ....The problem starts..The server stops responding, and the browser keep on loading. even if we press the stop button it wont respond.
    I dont know what is hapening in the second click. The CountryList.aspx page which is already loaded in the content page is actually a blan page. No code is written in CountryList.aspx page.

    Can anyone help me with a solution please??..

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    Feb 2004
    Your problem seems wierd and that means you are not getting any specific errors?
    Can u try posting some code?
    If specific erros post it
    Does all other pages load properly?

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    Jun 2005

    Exclamation further describing my problem

    Thanks for your reply.

    There is no specific errors. No i havent started designing other pages. The first page i started is the one which i described above - CountryList.aspx.
    I didnt write any code at all.

    The problem for me is that, when we clicks the "Country List" hyperlink in the left frame page(which is a .htm page), in the right main content frame, it loads the CountryList.aspx page. But when the user clicks the same hyperlink for the second time, The browser starts slowly loading again..but it never loads the page nor it can be stopped by the stop button. Actually what i feels is that the server is not responding, and hence the browser nevr returns/stops.

    actually I havent written any code for CountryList.aspx file. Thats Y i dint post it in this page.

    The left menu frame has a ordinary .htm file with an hyperlink as i described earlier.

    For the first time when we clicks this link, the countryList.aspx is loaded perfectrly in the right frame. The problem starts with the second click on the same hyperlink.

    Please try to help me..

    Thanks in advance..


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    Feb 2004
    Sunil lets start like this do u have any code in CountryList.aspx. if you have one post it.And what editor are u using ..Do u develop using Visual Studio .Net etc..

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    Jun 2005
    Patric ..again my hearty thanks for replying me..
    I develop using visual Studio.Net(2003).
    CountryList.aspx is completely a White blank page. There is no server controls nor code except the html.
    Still the same problm happens!!!

    Patric ..shall i request you a help? u hav yahoo msgr ID?..or Could you please tel me hw can i hav a chat with u regarding this?
    Last edited by sunilbenjamin; 06-24-2005 at 01:49 AM.

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