Hello. I've created a user control with two properties:
Public Property sConnStr() as string
Public Property PicNum() as integer

On a page I'm trying to load the control progmaticly then define those properties. This is what I've come up with after reading a few articles:

Sub DispPic()

Dim dispPicC as UserControl = LoadControl("pic_disp.ascx")
Dim dispPicCType as Type = dispPicC.GetType()

Dim dispPicPicNum as PropertyInfo = dispPicCType.GetProperty("PicNum")
dispPicPicNum.SetValue(dispPicC, PicNum, Nothing)

Dim dispPicsConnStr as PropertyInfo = dispPicCType.GetProperty("sConnStr")
dispPicsConnStr.SetValue(dispPicC, sConnStr, Nothing)


End Sub

I recieve the error Cannot widen from target type to primitive type. On the line that sets the value of dispPicPicNum.