Hello all,

Can you help me with writing a function which copies a screen region. There is a screen with the dimension of Width x Height pixels. Each pixel is stored
on 1 byte (0x00 is white, OxFF is black, etc. ) , The pixels are stored linearly in the video memory, starting with the upper-left corner of the screen.
I need to write the following function:

void CopyScreenRegion (unsigned char *screen,
int sx, int sy, int sW, int sH,
int dx, int dy)

that copies a screen region starting at ( s x , sy) coordinates and has the (sW, s H )
dimensions to the coordinated given by (dx, dy) .

2. The screen is filled with black and white images. I will need an additional method that finds the longest horizontal or vertical black line of pixels in
the screen and returns its dimension, type (horizontal or vertical ) and its starting address.

Thank you very much for your help!