Hi all.

I have encountered a serious problem which is very important to me to solve it.....Now I describe every thing to you::

I have a web-base application which uses ASP 3.0 and SQL server 2000.
this appl. runs under win2000 server & IIS 5.0 . I have installed IIS 5.0 & SQL server 2000 on the same server(machine).

Now my problem::
some times the appl. stops working well shows this error message:
"Internal server error 500"
and need to restart windows..after restarting it, every thing will be ok & no problem until next time when the site
again stops.....How can I find the exect problem which initiates this? Really I do not know where do I start to find the problem: IIS, SQL server or my asp pages?
I will be really appriciated if you can help me...
thank you very much