Hello all,

This is my first post! I desperately need your help with an iframe issue that i am having.

This is my situation:
I have a main asp page that dynamically loads the latest journal entry into a table on the left side of the page. Everything is fine there...this is the issue

Sometimes the journal entry is too long and squeezing a lot of text in to a 200px wide section is just too obtuse and it stretches the main page too long, so I thought if I use an iframe it would contain it and keep it from stretching my main page too long because it would then scroll and keep everything neater.

I have index.asp that loads journal_inc.asp (this has the iframe in the body, with a header and footer: I just want the body of the journal in the iframe). Journal_inc.asp loads journal_inc_body.asp into its iframe (theoretically).

Journal_inc.asp has this as the iframe code:

<iframe frameborder="0" src="journal_inc_body.asp"  width="200px" height="144"></iframe>
Needless to say its not working.

Is there asp code that I have to modify on either page to make this work?...keep in mind Iím fairly new to ASP an the such, so be gentle..

Please help!!!!! I know the above works for HTML pages, because the other iframe that I have is working great...

As I said before HELP!!!!!!