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Thread: MSChart Control

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    Mar 2005

    MSChart Control

    I am just curious. i have to start working on a program where i have to "overlay" 10 different columns of data; with each column being 1 channel so to speak. So the graph will have 10 distinct Y's plpotted against 1 X.

    i was wondering is MSchart control good to handle that much data? i mean i know for sure that it can overlay 4 series(columns) of data but i dont know if it can do more. Does anyone know? Thanks ~svn

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    Mar 2005
    i wrote a trial/quick application using MSChart control and it looks like it can handle 10 or more plots on a graph. i dont know the final count on how many it can handle but i know it can handle what i am trying to do with it. Thanks!

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