Hello sir
its me vikas sheel gupta
i talk to you yesterday related to my problem
i am using CMR EJB on OC4J server but server is not my problem
my problem is related to mapping or calling beans.

i send u my files too
here are two beans

my problem is related to foreign key and primary key i have a foreign key in dodauthorisation table whose primary key is in cnmas table fine
i make the bean classes as well as local,remote and home interfaces

ab foreign key kain liya jo getter or setter method set hua hain that is in this way:--

public CnmasLocal getCnmas_cnmtNo();
public void setCnmas_cnmtNo(CnmasLocal cnmas_cnmtNo);

my first problem is
when i make the bean classes then what type of parameter should i pass with the foreign key because if i use string type then its corresponding data types getter and setter method doesnt match
if i use local interface type then it will create problem in the parameter as well as clients calling the create method in the jsp page
so tell me how to solve this problem
plsssssssssssss i need ur help
i couldnt get help in the net also
i got the same problem in the forum but couldnt get the solution
so can u pls tell me the solution