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Thread: Protect Software

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    May 2005

    Protect Software

    I develop shareware but I donít know how to protect it from cracks and piracy.
    Could anyone advise some good tool ? I heard about several products like EXECryptor from, ACProtect, IceLicensse and others, but I donít know what is better. May be somebody knows some realy good solution?

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    Jul 2005
    Hello ,

    I dont think the crackers will be stucked on any tool , they crack Microsoft product , how about your software.

    but anyway EXECryptor is too much good againts Beginner crackers !

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    Mar 2006

    EXECryptor protection

    I guess in theory all protection will be broken sooner or later.

    As for execryptor I use it to protect my sw and have no problems with cracks.
    I think Strongbit has right protection strategy. They frequently improve and update their protection while it costs money: execryptor has paid product maintenance. This means to have access to updates dwnl, techsupport etc. you must to bye membership subsription. These are additional costs but the protection is always up to date. However it is my own opinion. I think all depends on what you wait for from protection.


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    Jun 2006
    About execryptor I found this one:

    >> Here some links:


    > I tried more than listed below protections. The strongest most
    > proof most flexible from this list is really EXECryptor form
    > It is not only the mine opinion. Most
    > software vendors agree > with me. The only thing I cannot
    > understand is the absence of reviews of EXECryptor in developer
    > press, nor > blogs/white papers. However it has very good opinions
    > in different programmer's disscussion. I can assume > it is one
    > one things that "its quality sells itself". The other "cons" is
    > EXECryptor does not support .NET platform working only for win32
    > exe's; dll's and othe PE's and only Windows compatible. However for
    > cross-> platform apps licensing there is HardKey License Manager
    > (as well from ). It has less 'bullet-
    > proof' antireverse/anticrack but more advanced and flexible
    > licensing features (however remains unbroken as well as
    > EXECryptor). So if smb. really needs to solve cracks/piracy
    > problem StrongBit really will DO. By the way as for .NET
    > protection (the original thread subject) Strongbit partners with
    > dotnet protector author 9Rays and they follozing their press
    > release they are planning to create universal app security. I'm
    > sure it is the only one protection that warrant attention of people
    > looking for commercial program anticrack security tools.

    > Regards
    > Mad
    > EXECryptor user

    As for me I'm trying execryptor now... What I can say... Another vote for it

    Also there is hot discussion generally about piracy and protection on

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    Apr 2006
    Anybody knows some good app protector Vista compatible?

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    Oct 2005
    Hey ; glade to see u talking about this

    Just I wanna explain something ; protecting your app by any way you guess it's hard, will not make any protection at all !!

    Okey many programmes makes a protector to protect your app , but it generally protect your resource or your app from commonly knowen attck methods ; but finally they can't protect it from processing !!!

    What I mean is your application must finally after all -what u call it protection- be transformed into assembly to be passed to the proccessor , and if the proccessor can proceess it so by many finitly steps u can also !
    I agree it differs from a cracker to another to have fastest result but finally results exists !

    can u understand what I mean ??

    ***Up to now I haven't found any software that can't be cracked === If u nderstand what I said u can prove that no software can't be cracked .

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    Oct 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by igor05
    I develop shareware but I donít know how to protect it from cracks and piracy.
    Could anyone advise some good tool ? I heard about several products like EXECryptor from, ACProtect, IceLicensse and others, but I donít know what is better. May be somebody knows some realy good solution?

    Only one method can prevent crackers; demo uncompleted versions ;
    And here I mean demo that missed codes not demo that have feautures disabled .

    If u r looking for "copyright" make a one way installation function [without inverse] and don't share your installation package .

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    Dec 2006
    This is a question that gets repeated over and over our forums.

    The answer is: if it can run, it can be cracked. A protector is as hard as you are capable of integrating and implementing its additional features.

    Few good protectors:

    Armadillo (but now nico's is out the arma gang, stay away as ****...)

    mmh... what other?

    Oh, make always crippled demo. Out of curiosity, I have rest the trial of one of the above in less than 5 minutes.

    Ah, don't code it by yourself. Please. It would be really an idiot thing to do.

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    Dec 2006
    h3ll is a word to be censored? :/

    (By the way, I'm a Reverser)
    Last edited by xamas; 12-04-2006 at 11:06 AM.

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    Jan 2007
    it is really a good idea but it is hard to realize it.

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    Oct 2005
    xamas, u can reset any trial in fewer timer usually , but if the demo as I mentioned is "code missed" , I mean before compiling it remove some events from the code .. nobody can fix this [other than building a similar software with those events !] ...
    Daniel what is hard for u ?

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