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Thread: High Resolution Version of Sleep() in Windows

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    High Resolution Version of Sleep() in Windows

    Has anyone come across a way to sleep (suspend execution of current process while releasing CPU resources in the meantime) for less than a millisecond in Windows? I know it has been done by third parties such as with the XBO LLADRV project, but I cannot get even enough support from them to enable their software in my project. Ideally, I need something like the unix usleep() function which will do a processor-friendly sleep for some number of microseconds or nanoseconds. The LLADRV project supposedly does this for Windows through low-level access to the OS using their LladrvWaitPreciseTime() function.

    I am using MSVC++ .Net 2003. Thanks for any leads.

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    I don't know if this is really feasible: putting a process to sleep means much more than just suspending its CPU usage: it means releasing some resources, marking a few flags, signaling the kernel, and performing a context switch (that is, waking up another process). You can't accomplish these operations in a few nanoseconds so the real question here is: what do you want to accomplish? If it's just delaying the current execution of the process, I think wait() would be a better choice. If it's letting other processes utilize the CPU, then Sleep() or sleep() would do but for longer time spans than micro seconds.
    Danny Kalev

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