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Thread: Upload file to server

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    Upload file to server

    I need to upload files of various types and sizes (some over 75 MB in size) to a server for a document management ASP / SQL Server based application. What is the code that will allow me to save the file from the client to a specific location on the server?

    Is this possible or is there a limit on asp upload sizes?

    I was storing the files in the SQL Server DB but have changed my design due to performance considerations. Now all files will be stored in folders on the IIS server that houses the ASP code.

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    You can upload files from an HTML using the Input element of type File and your ASP page can use the FileSystemObject (FSO) to save, copy, move or delete the files and more.

    There is a node in the metabase.xml file called AspMaxRequestEntityAllowed in Windows Server 2003 to limit/change file upload sizes.
    Michael Sanchez
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