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Thread: Javascript Popup Window

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    Javascript Popup Window

    Just a quicky,

    I've got this popup window I need to set the attributes for. I've created it through different methods when trying to set these attributes, first through

    <script language="javascript">
    function OpenNewWindow()
    var w ="Popupwindow.aspx")

    on the HTML side of the form - this is called from clicking the button on the form, and also in the click event of the button using

    Response.Write("<script language='JavaScript'>'PopupWindow.aspx');</script>")

    Both methods open the window for me, but if I try to set the additional arguements for them such as page title and/or displaying the menu bar or sizing etc I either get an invalid argument script error or the page just dosnt open.

    To pass the arguments I would be using"popupwindow.aspx","title popup window", "popup window settings")

    anything after the new name page and it throws a wobbler. . . .thought? ideas? suggestions?

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    The 2nd parameter of '' is target/name of the popup window, e.g. '_self', '_blank', etc., which space is not allowed.

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    ah ha! many thanks

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