Hi, my ultimate goal is to convert an Access report to *.rtf format and then email the new file to a mailing list.

I've used Data Transformation Services in SQL before, and I've been successful sending files to mailing lists.

I need help in doing one of the following, which will accomplish my goal:

1. Make an Active X Script that will convert the Access report to *.rtf and save it to the harddisk.

I've tried this code:

Dim objDB
Set objDB = CreateObject("Access.Application")
objDB.OpenCurrentDatabase("c:\Report Path\database.mdb")
objDB.DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "report name", acFormatRTF, "C:\Dest Name.rtf"

In DTS, I get the error "The Microsoft Jet Database engine couldn't find the object 'Database name'

2. Make an Active X Script that will execute the Access Report.

In this situation, I have used VB to attach the Code to the Access report. This code successfully outputs the report to *.rtf format when the report deactivates. Thus, I need only execute the report through ActiveX or some other means to produce the output file.

The code I use in the actual Access report to output the file is as follows:

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "report name", acFormatRTF, "C:\Dest Name.rtf"

Thanks for your replys! Any help is appreciated!