I have a question regarding checkboxes.

My jsp page has the following layout generated dynamically based on a drop down selection box.

ID State Initiated Released Locked
US Initiated X
Arg Released X X
Ger Released X X
Ita Locked X X X

The Initated, Released & Locked columns are checkboxes. The checkboxes are enabled or disabled based on the State. This means that if the state is Initaited, the user will click the desired checkbox, while the others in the same row will be disabled, and so forth.

Now all I want is the option of having a SelectAll button / checkbox (something like in yahoo,hotmail) for each column (Initiated,Released,Locked), which when clicked will select all the desired checkboxes under them.(only those in the respective state).

This is basically to make life easier for the user in case there are some 100 rows. Instead of selecting each individually, he can just click a single button for each column. He can then unselect whichever one he wants.

I know this can be done using javascript. Remember that this list is not static, but dynamic. So I cannot send a fixed no. into my javascript function to iterate. Im using <nested:iterate> & <nested:checkbox> for iterating & displaying the checkboxes.

If someone has a solution on it please do send me the code snippet.