Howdy all,

I'm fairly new to .NET, but have been programming for many years in UNIX and a little in COM & MFC for the PC. I've been doing a lot of reading on WinForms to get up to speed but have found only a little on changing size on the fly. I'm having a problem on my latest project and was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

I have a C# user control I have built that I need to make change its size on the fly to accomodate a toolbar that changes size based on an XML data file. This user control will eventually live inside another user control. I'm trying to resize the control internally (from within its class).

I have a driver I'm testing with that's simply a blank form with the user control on it. I've tried setting:

this.Size = new Size(width, height);

and I've also tried:

this.ClientSize = new Size(width, height);

Nothing seems to get the contol to change its size on the host form. Any ideas what I'm missing?