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Thread: Junit tests for toString()

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    Feb 2005

    Junit tests for toString()

    I want to create a toString test but i have alot of descriptive text inside my string and two strings will never be the same as shown below:

    public String toString(){
    return ("Name: " + fname + ", " + lname + "Product: " + product);

    aCustomer.toString("Andrew", "Bogart", "Coke");
    It will not be the sane as name and product are not included.

    I am currently printing out the toString extracted from customer class and using println to show the expected result as shown below

    System.out.println("Expected " + "Name :" + "Andrew" + ", " + "Boggart" + " Product: " + Coke);
    System.out.println(aCustomer.toString("Andrew", "Bogart", "Coke"));

    Does anyone have a better way to test the toString method using Junit tests?

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    Pattern matching is usually a viable alternative, if the version of java that you are using supports it. Check out the Regular Expression tutorial at:

    Hope this helps.

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