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Thread: Problem with Listview Column Sorting (numbers not getting sorted properly) ...

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    Problem with Listview Column Sorting (numbers not getting sorted properly) ...


    I'm trying to sort the data in a Listview that contains the list of Files/Folders along with their sizes in sub-item. I want to sort the listview content based on Size. However, I found that Listview control does not recognize the numeric data as Numbers and it treats it as Strings while attempting to sort. I found that number 9.1 is shown above 81! This is not a correct sorting, right? Is there any solution for this?

    To make my query clear, I have created a small Demo program. Please see the code, run the program and you will realize what I'm talking about. Is there any solution for this? I'm not finding any. I have attached the code to this comment.

    Waiting for your reply ...


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    vb_programmer,click the thread created by Vidhi - Sorting numeric data in listview.I've an answer posted there.See if it helps you.

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    Jun 2006
    Yeh! This one helped me ... it works perfect! By the way, I also need to sort the data based on File Creation Date. Is there any this sort of fantastic trick for sorting content on the basis of Date? Currently I write the data to Subitem in the form of mm-dd-yyyy. Is there any such fantastic trick to sort the data based on Date. The Date format is not a binding and to make the sorting possible, no problem if I need to change it to anything else.

    Waiting for your valuable reply ...

    -- Ruturaj.

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    format the date as "yyyy-mm-dd"
    "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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    Thanks mstraf! I will try it and will let you know if it worked fine or otherwise.

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    Dec 2005
    vb_programmer,it seems you've not tested it yourself but the date field will be sorted as it is.You do not have to resort to the technique for the numeric column.Give it a try.

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    Jun 2006
    Yes, I tried it and in my test the files with date 02/03/2004 appeared above 03/14/2003!

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