Hello. If anyone here has any experience with Websphere or iSeries, I would appreciate some help. I posted this topic in the Websphere forum , but it seems that forum isn't very active. Anyway, I can't get my style sheet to work with a java servlet application that I installed on an iSeries server. I put together the app and style sheet through WebSphere and exported everything to the server as an .ear file, installed the application and the program works; however, the app isn't accessing the style sheet. I'm new to both iSeries and Websphere. I've been trying this line:
writer.println("<LINK rel='stylesheet' type='text/css' href='Master.css'>");
and have tried putting the style sheet in the same folder as the class file, tried putting it in the Java Source folder, tried it all over the place really and have tried making the path absolute. I've also tried pasting the .java file into the classes folder with the .class file. None of my efforts have been successful. Is this even possible? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.