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Thread: VB6 and Getting Return Info (please help)

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    Sep 2005

    Exclamation VB6 and Getting Return Info (please help)

    I am an extreme newbie at VB6, I'm sorry I know very little but I only need to do one simple program with it. I don't know how to though, I need to make a prog that when I send it out people can answer questions and when they click submit it will e-mail me the info...Is this possible? and if so, is it possible someone could show me how/give me a code to study...something to get this going? Thank You in advance!
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    Yes, it is possible to create the program you describe. I suggest breaking the program down into individual tasks:

    1. Display survey questions to user
    (Do you intend to hard-code the questions into the program, or do you want to read them from a file, so that you may reuse the program for future surveys?)
    2. Collect responses
    3. Format reponses into e-mail message
    4. Send e-mail

    A Google search for "vb send email" found this example:

    If you want to read the survey questions from a file, you may find this tutorial helpful:

    I suggest you start with a simple program that reads questions from a text file, displays them on the screen, and sends you an e-mail message. Post a followup message if you get stuck; once you have that working, we can work on collecting responses to the questions and formatting an e-mail message.
    Phil Weber

    Please post questions to the forums, where others may benefit.
    I do not offer free assistance by e-mail. Thank you!

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    Sep 2005
    Thank You Very Much Phil, I will start reading that right now and seeing what I can do, Once again I thank you

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    Okay Phil, Once again I thank you for the info, But it doesn't seem to be what I have in mind...if what I am thinking is wrong I'm sorry and please correct me...But I am wanting it so I can write the question on the prog and they type in their answer, it has to be as user friendly to them as possible, like I'd like for it to be so all they have to do is fill in the answers and click submit...the code you showed me looks a lot more difficult...If I am asking for too much I am honestly sorry, I was able to understand some of the code, but most of it looked like a different language...Thank you again

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