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Thread: Display and Format XML document and XSLT in ASP.NET using VS.NET2003

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    Display and Format XML document and XSLT in ASP.NET using VS.NET2003

    Hi guys,

    I'm using VS.NET 2003.

    I managed to create a XML File .xml, XLST stylesheet .xsl in notepad
    to be displayed in my .aspx report.

    I will create my .aspx page layout with a panel.

    1. I'm not gd with VS.NET but i just installed it, what kind of "new project"
    do i create, ASP.NET Web Application or Web Service?

    2. How do i add the xml file and xlst sheet i created to this solution?

    3. How do i add the data from the xml file using xml control to the .aspx page

    4. How do i modify the XML control properties to point to the XML document and XSLT stylesheet.

    5. How do i edit my stylesheet or report to make it look better, which controls/settings do i use

    help appreciated!

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    Create an ASP.NET Web application. Put the controls (panel, etc.) you want on the Web form. Use the classes in the System.Xml namespace in the page code to perform your transformation, and assign the resulting output to the appropriate control.

    For the look and feel, check out CSS styles. In your transformation, you can assign style classes to the output, and you can build a stylesheet with those styles and include a reference to it in the page.
    A. Russell Jones,
    Executive Editor,

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