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Thread: Help with setting up Apache SSL on windows

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    Sep 2005

    Help with setting up Apache SSL on windows


    I have been visiting to the following SSL website in order to get information on how to set up ssl connection on apache 2.X on windows.

    However, I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me verify things here when it is said (I quote) as follows:

    We found precompiled binary distributions of Apache and OpenSSL available at Archives are available as well (see resources, left). The file we downloaded was called: Unzip this file into a folder. We will refer to this folder as [apache_root] . In the rest of this article, where you see [apache root], please fill in the name of your folder instead.

    Openssl.cnf is a configuration file that you can find in the download for this article (see left column). Copy this file to the [apache_root]\bin directory. OpenSSL will use this file when you are generating your key. In order for this file to be visible from OpenSSL you will need to create an environment variable called OPENSSL_CONF. The method of setting environment variables varies on different versions of Windows, so refer to your Windows Help to find out how to do it for your version of Windows. The environment variable should be set as follows:


    My problem is that i have downloaded the exact version of openssl from the site shown above and followed as directed up to a point where i need to copy openssl.cnf to bin. Where can i find openssl.cnf file?

    Is there anyone might be able to point me to the right direction?

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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    Sep 2005

    I have got another question. I have figured out what the openssl.cnf is. Also I have modified my openssl configuration file "ssl.conf" to listen to port 443 and all the modification required to get it working. Then, i moved on to change the httpd.conf on my apache2 and loaded the ssl module by taking the comment mark off and did all that's needed. After that, i went to restart it and received an error message that said "The requested operation has failed".

    However, if i went back to httpd.conf to put the comment back on for loadmodule ssl.. then, it'd work.

    Could anyone help me where i did wrong or there is something else i need to add or modify to make apache2 able to run ssl module?

    YOur help is greatly appreciated.

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    Oct 2005


    openssl.conf is available in the link
    This file has to be stored in the specified location and the environment variable set as specified in the document,
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