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Thread: Listing the content of a folder into an array

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    Red face Listing the content of a folder into an array

    I am trying to put in place a simple photo galley/slide show. I cannot figure out how to pull all the files from within a folder. I have a folder in my root called "photos" and would like to have some JavaScript retrieve all the files within this folder and drop them all into an array of this form

    var Slides = new Array('./photos/test1.jpg','./photos/test2.jpg','./photos/test3.jpg','./photos/test4.jpg');
    What I am looking to achieve is to be able to keep dropping photos into the photos folder without having to add files to the array.

    Your help will be fully appreciated, thank you.

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    I don't know enough JavaScript to help you with that.

    In Java, I would first try creating an ArrayList (since you indicate that you want this to be dynamic) of File objects. If that didn't work I'd have to move on from there.

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    You can have a naming convention for the files, like you have here (test1, test2 ...)
    and have javascript making filenames and loading the files in a loop that breaks at
    first missing image file. You will then have to rename your image files to conform
    with the number sequence, as you store them in the image folder.
    eschew obfuscation

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