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Thread: Read source code from a page and get strings from it

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    Question Read source code from a page and get strings from it


    Great newbie Here.

    I can use php to find a pattern from a string.
    I want this string to be the source code of an HTML page on which I have no control (it does not belong to me).
    This because the HTML page shows me text, but behind there are informations .... not really hidden ... just in the code.

    How to get the source code ?

    Javascript ? Java ?

    I intend to use php just after, to treat the found data, but of course if you suggest I remain in javascript to treat the strings ...
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    You could do it all in PHP, no JS necessary.

    You can use the fopen and other filesystem functions. It can open URLs and grab the contents of it.

    You can also look into CURL. I've never used it, but it looks like it might be tailored for this sort of thing. (Although, I've used the built-in filesystem functions to do exactly what you're trying to do.)

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