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Thread: Database driven application on Cell Phones

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    Sep 2005

    Database driven application on Cell Phones


    I am struck with my first Mobile phone application using C#.
    The application should allow the users to see location map on their cell phone when they search a zipcode or street address etc from their cell phones. I already have the area maps. so do not really need use of MapPoint.

    I understood the VS.NET 2003 Smart Device application wizard and the Emulator stuff. made a test application and it was a great fun.

    My query points starts after that,

    Very less target peoples have internet connection on the cell phones. so I can not make this application WAP version of a web application.

    -It needs to come as a service option from the local mobile service provider.

    1. When this application would run from a cell phone, will it be able to connect to a database, if not, how the user input queries would be done.

    2. Do I need to have webserver where all the maps and application logic programs would stay.

    3. Do I need to give the mobile service provider an installer file of this application so they can install it somewhere in their system?.

    I am looking for some help in this subject.

    Thanks in advance,

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    if you're not looking for an Internet-based solution, you can use SMS-driven services whereby the user sends a predetermined string, the server porcesses that string and sends the reply back as SMS. Recent models usually support MMS which enables you to send graphics and clips to the modible device but not all mobile phones support it and the cost is much higher than a typical text based message so you should consider these factors too. Again, it all boils down to who the clients are and which devices preceisely you will be serving.
    Danny Kalev

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    Sep 2005
    Danny thanks for the reply.
    Yes..MMS is the time I am having an understanding that there you must need wireless internet connection else the end user browsing experience wouldn't be good.
    ..wondering if there is on demand internet connection provided by mobile service provider these days..
    users may not like to pay for a whole month but when they need to use this system so abit of internet use..

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