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Thread: Convert applet coding to CSS

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    Convert applet coding to CSS

    I have an applet that I'm trying to convert the coding to in order to reach html 4.01 strict, or at the very least 4.01 Transitional. I know nothing about java and found only two examples of coding conversion which haven't helped. Thinking that the class file was text, I thought I would try opening it to see if there was something intuitive I could change, but instead when I opened it up it gave me nothing but a series of black boxes.

    Can someone help me change the coding or do you think the entire applet will have to be rewritten. I'm putting the applet html in this block wih spaces between the wickets to keep the coding on the board:

    < OBJECT code="alcsnow.class" width="275" height="206" style="float: right; margin-left: 0.5em;" >
    < param name="grph" value="holmanor.jpg" >
    < param name="snows" value="700" >
    < param name="threadsleep" value="50" >
    < /OBJECT>

    As you can see I've already changed "APPLET" to read "OBJECT". I know there is also supposed to be some very long classID string, but I don't know what that is.

    If someone can help I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you,


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    This sounds more like an HTML question than a Java programming question.

    Sun used to provide a program to convert HTML to use <OBJECT tags for applets. I think it was called: HTMLConverter. You might try finding that.

    BTW applet classes are compiled code sort of like dlls. They are "executed" by a special piece of code (a plugin) that the browser loads to do the "exection".

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