I'm a .NET programmer for a large international IT services company which is making a huge push to attract .NET programmers to our camp. Especially if you're in the Netherlands, where we employ 10.000+ people and are looking to hire 475 more by the end of the year...whether you're very experienced, limited experience, or just out of school and you want to .NET there's probably a place for you with us right now. But not just NL, the push for programmers is also true for every country where we are located which is almost every continent of the world (I don't think we're in Antarctica), so just contact me and I'll get your CV to the right person to get you an interview.

We've got excellent pay, benefits, training, auto, laptop, mobile phone, etc. We've got our own massive proprietary .NET library which is extremely cool to have access to. Drop me a line per email and I'll tell you more about the company. I can walk your CV right in the door and you'll be sure to at least get a first interview from it.

Java programmers are just as desired, so mail me at:

quizboy2005 at hotmail dot com (Dutch folks can write me in Dutch.)