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Thread: reading another application's data (coming thru a port) at OS level (socket prog)..

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    Sep 2005

    Question reading another application's data (coming thru a port) at OS level (socket prog)..

    Hello all..

    I am pradeep and my friend is doing a project.. we are stuck up here:

    My friend's software is going to do a port scan, and determine when XYZ application opens a port. When a port opens, our software also connects to that port and copies all incoming data into a file.

    Question is, is this possible directly with the BSD or Winsock API?

    We have thought of other approaches, such as using libcap to copy packets from the network card. But thats a great deal of job to be done.

    We have also seen a program: tcpflow which creates files for incoming data on all ports.

    However, we would like to have a solution by which we can directly copy data from a port at programming level.

    Kindly tell us if this is possible at all.

    Maybe I should tell you why we need this: our software is going to be a APPLICATION INDEPENDENT DOWNLOAD RESUMER. This means that, it is going to add download resume support for any software which downloads or updates from the internet (different softwares use different port numbers).

    Another thought was to firewall ports. When some application connects out of a port, we will send and receive for it and thus achieve the desired result.

    Hmm hope it makes some sense

    Thanks for ur time! Awaiting your comments/answers

    With best regards,

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    Sep 2005

    Thumbs up the solution..

    Hello all..

    just for any1 who has had the same problem, here is our solution:

    we write our application as a proxy server. since all networking applications (MUST) support proxies, we take advantage of this.

    However, it means we are protocol-dependent. We have coded only for HTTP protocol.

    So this download-resumer supports only applications that update from the internet using HTTP.

    however, it stays APPLICATION independent.. which was our actual design goal.

    we have sucessfully tested with Panda antivirus 2005.. which dosent provide in-built download-resume support.

    fine then, c ya ppl!

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