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Thread: calling a class in a .jar from html

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    calling a class in a .jar from html

    Good morning.

    I am attempting to access a class that is in a .jar from html. Here's the code:

    <APPLET ARCHIVE="javaTest.jar" CODE="Go1.class" WIDTH=200 HEIGHT=200></APPLET>

    It aint working. The msg is "Applet Go1 notinited". The javaTest.jar file is the same folder as the html. I developed the .jar using WDSC - I can click on it and see that Go1.class is in the .jar.

    The file has a package name - WDSC sets it up that way. Do I need to qualify the archive location?

    I am very new to Java and html - any help at all is greatly appreciated.

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    Give this a shot:
    It looks like you should remove the .class extension, but I would read it over a bit more.

    Hope this helps.

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