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Thread: Final Tweaking of Program...Need some help badly..

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    Oct 2005

    Exclamation Final Tweaking of Program...Need some help badly..

    I have created a database program (as attached) and was working fine, till I added an additional field called "Mobile No" in the program. After which, I am facing a few problems;

    1) Add function now not able to add the record to the database. (was working fine previously)

    2) The Edit function not able to populate the records from the database. (was working fine previously)

    3) The Edit source code also consists of the delete function. I need to separate this function into another file called "DeleteMemberRecord". The interface can be the same as the “EditMember” source code. I have already created the button on the Main Menu to link to this source code.

    4) I also need a “MemberReport” function which has 2 buttons at the bottom called “Generate Report” and a “Back to Main”. Once the Generate Report Button is clicked, the first 5 records from the database will be shown.

    5) Lastly, there should be a box indicated as "No. of Total Records" at the top right-had corner of the Main AddMember, EditMember and DeleteMember forms to display the current number of records in the database.

    I hope that someone can help me with these few problems. I would really appreciate all the help i can get….

    Thanks guys!!
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    Looking at the add() function, it doesn't look like you are inserting something into the RegDate column. I don't know if this is the only problem, but you should probably address that in some way. Your database doesn't seem to have a MemberDetails table, perhaps you meant members. Are all of your errors with your database interaction, or is there still pieces of actual code that you have to write?

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    Oct 2005


    i have managed to find the solution to the 1st 3 issues.... All i need now is some help for points 4 & 5.

    I have removed the regDate and MobileNo fields from the prog by the way.

    Can anyone at least give some help here?

    Deadline overdued!!

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    To display the x firstr records of a query you can use the LIMIT parameter in the

    To get the number of records in a table use
    String query="select count(*) \"RCOUNT\" from aTable";
    ResultSet rs=stmt.executeQuery(query);;
    int nOfRecords=rs.getInt("RCOUNT");
    Its a fast query (it doesn't read through all the records).

    The procedure above could be isolated in a method that took the table name
    as input parameter, and you could call it after every DB update and display
    the result in the apprpriate frames.

    For a count of all the records in all the tables in your DB you would have to
    call it repeatedly for each table and accumulate the total.
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