Hi Guys!
I have been studying Java for a month by book and its going prety well (until now... ). I just started to learn about interface in general and the MouseListener biside, but I think I didnt get to the bottom yet.
They wrote an applet for example and I have a question about it: the idie is to make a little square where the mouse is clicked. They made two .java files, one for the Listener and one for the main applet. in the Listener they made a class that extends the MouseAdapter (???).
My questions are:
1. Why did they had to use 2 files and couldnt made just one?
2. what is this MouseAdapter? (I guess its an object, but what is it excactly??)
3. Does anyone know where can I read more about Interface?

* I didnt want to write the code lines because its prety long, but I will do it if it helps.