Hi all.

I'm new to Visual Basic .net 2005 beta 2 so excuse me if my question is too simple for you.

I need to create an application that connects via http to a local video server (it has a local private IP address) and then shows a live video stream coming from the server.

Moreover I want to let the user save the video stream he is seeing in that moment, to see it again later (with any media player).

In other words I need to dump (or grab, or capture, if you prefer) video stream (that arrives from server through web browser) to a file with any codec (possibly with good quality... as good as possible!).

I've solved the first part of my problem by using webbrowser control
and now I can actually see live streaming video inside my form
(I have previously installed an activeX on my Internet explorer).

Now I really don't know how to capture that video stream and put it
into a video file (with any video-codec, possibly mpeg4).

Can you help me?
Have you got any suggestion?
Should I use webbrowser.documentstream? How?
Should I use some webbrowser's feature that "intercepts" video streaming and dumps it to a file?
Is there any kind of control, .dll, .ocx or class that can help me?

I think that it shouldn't be too difficult, but I don't know how to go on.

Thanks in advance for any tip!