Hi Frndz,

My problem is ..........

I want to display the Registered users from a table and also i use that user data to modify or delete also.

1) I like to display user details by using datalist.

=====> I displayed this details by using data list coding. The listed value would be like this

Select UserName UserType
[RadioButton] [U.Name] [U.Type]

This will be shown Perfectly.

Now i Would Like to Modify User Details........By use of checkbox selection.

Problem ::: When i click checkboxes all checkboxes are selected. and also How to pass checkBox dataFieldValue to Next Page??

My Coding::::
myradio.DataSource = ds.Tables("Adm_Super_LoginMaster")

<asp:RadioButtonList Runat="server" ID="myradio" DataTextField="Adm_id" DataValueField="Adm_id">

and also i tried to transfer the radiobuttonlist value to next page like this....

Response.Redirect("Adm_Modify.aspx?id='& myradio &'")

Please Help me to solve this Problem........