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Thread: Date problem

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    Question Date problem

    hi all

    using msvs - this is my code

    SELECT dbo.Client.FirstName, dbo.Client.LastName, dbo.Client.Phone, dbo.Client.PhoneExt, dbo.Client.Date1, dbo.Call.LinkedCall, dbo.Call.CallNumber,
    dbo.Call.LogDatTim, dbo.Call.CallSubject1, dbo.Call.CallSubject2, dbo.Call.CallSubject3, dbo.Call_Event.InitiatorUser AS [SD Logger],
    dbo.Client.EMailId, dbo.Logon.Logon
    FROM dbo.Client INNER JOIN
    dbo.Call ON dbo.Client.ClientCode = dbo.Call.ClientCode INNER JOIN
    dbo.Logon ON dbo.Call.LogonCode = dbo.Logon.LogonCode LEFT OUTER JOIN
    dbo.Call_Event ON dbo.Call.CallNumber = dbo.Call_Event.CallNumber
    WHERE (dbo.Client.Date1 >= @StartDate) AND (dbo.Call.LogDatTim >= DATEADD(dd, - 7, @StartDate)) AND (dbo.Call.LogDatTim <= @StartDate) AND
    (dbo.Call_Event.EventCode = 1)
    ORDER BY dbo.Call.CallSubject1

    this is a report to test procedures - eg what calls are logged within a 7 day period of the start date for the user

    my problem is

    this calls a calendar (StartDate) from which you can choose the start date
    if I put in the 1/10/05 I only get some of the data up to the 10th October?? I can't see what's wrong - why do I not get all of October so far?

    I really want all records from the startdate keyed in??

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