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Thread: Open WMP on client Computer ?

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    Open WMP on client Computer ?

    Here's what I am attempting to do :
    I have a network of 6 computers at home. I have a collection of over 200 DivX encoded movies located on my fastest "server" computer (I say server, cuz I use this computer to stream video from my security cams, my home web page, etc--but does not implement Windows server edition, just windows XP). Now, this computer serves up a web page that shows an inventory listing of these movies, and I would like to place a control on this page that would open a new instance of Windows media player on the client computer (passing the selected movie's location as a parameter), and closing the original web page.
    I suppose I COULD try streaming the movie, but that would limit the client computers to watching only one movie at any given time, not to mention slow the server computer down to a crawl. (not to mention that the server computer is already streaming output from my security cams).
    I HAVE tried to implement this in a variety of ways, but the BEST I could do was to get the Movie inventory web page to open up an instance of WMP on the Server computer, rather than on the client computer.....

    Any Ideas ? Please ?

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    A simple hyperlink to the filename, with path, will do what you want.

    Make sure of the following:

    • The DIVX codec is installed on all the PCs you want to view the videos on
    • Any spaces in the filename are replaced with %20
    • Windows Media Player is set as the default player for the filetype you want to play- i.e., .AVI

    If all the above are true, clicking on the link will open the file in a new instance of WMP.

    If you're using Internet Explorer, you can also view the file inside the browser window like this:

    <img border="0" dynsrc="filename" start="fileopen" width="320" height="240">
    Obviously you would set the Width and Height to the actual dimensions of the movie.

    As far as closing the window: you cannot close the original browser window the user opened. You can close a window you yourself opened with script.

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