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Thread: using new .NET 2003 Visual Studio IDE for C++ apps...

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    Question using new .NET 2003 Visual Studio IDE for C++ apps...

    I am a C/C++ programer, getting started to learn C#. Got Visual Studio .NET 2003 recently. I was just trying to run a standalone C++ application, but i dont find any way to build my application. Is it required in this new development environment that everything has to be inlcluded in a project? i mean in visual studio 6.0, i was able to write and build standalone C++ applications without any need to include the same in any project.

    Even in .NET 2003 Visual Studio IDE, if we go to file->new->file->visual C++, we can make a standalone C++ file, i made, but i dont find any way to compile and run or to build my application unlike visual studio 6.0. can anybody please help me to explain me how can i do that, is adding the C++ file in a project mandatory in .NET 2003 Visual Studio IDE???

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    Yes, I believe that all source files must be part of a project in order to compile them from within the Visual Studio .NET IDE. You can, however, compile standalone source files with the command line compiler (cl.exe).
    Phil Weber

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