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Thread: n-Tier applications

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    Oct 2004

    n-Tier applications

    I suppose to develop a three tier application. In vb6 i use three projects for the businesslgic, dbconnection and User ineterface. And when i deploy i use MTS server. In same way if i use the approach in dot net i use three projects. And what is the method to access the business logic? I am going to implement that in windows form. Is webservices is the solution? and what is windows services? please help me.....

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    Dec 2004
    Actually, You can do the same thing in VB.NET as what you did in VB6.
    Just add one window application for User Interface.
    then add two class library projects for BusinessLogic, dbConnection.
    After that, you need to reference those two library projects as "Project References." of Window Application.

    If you wanna know about "Web Services and Window Services", just google. :-)
    Best Regards,
    Michael Sync

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    Nov 2004
    And for flexibility you may consider interfaces, but this is not important. It depends on the size of your project and if several people will be involved in the development (now or in the future). E.g. one for dbConnection and one for businessLogic.

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