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Thread: progress bar

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    Nov 2005

    Exclamation Report status of database query

    Hi Guy's................

    I want an animated STATUS BAR, or PROGRESS BAR, or animated picture which will dynamically informs the user that the database query or update is 50% done or is in progress.
    Is there any way to Display Simultaneously Animation with the Database Operations. How can i Get The My Project / Module will be Required The amount of time for this processing it may be report generation or File Uploading or DataBase Operation.
    i am wishing to do that Whenever user request for the Report Generation or Database operation but when the project is in that process animation gets stopped. n after that process gets completed animation again started as before the process

    Plz Help me if anybody have an idea regarding to that.

    When it's complete, the user gets the results.

    jones Henry
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    There are two event handlers that can be declared on your data layer as a whole
    which when subscribed to can give you a status message and a progess indicator in percentage

    public event ProgressNotifyHandler ProgressNotify;
    public event StatusNotifyHandler StatusNotify;

    protected virtual void OnProgessNotify(int i)
    if ( ProgressNotify != null )
    ProgressNotify( i );

    protected virtual void OnStatusNotify(string message)
    if (StatusNotify != null)

    Now in each of your database operation you could include calls for OnProgressNotify or OnStatusNotify. These event handlers can be used by the
    progress bar control . All though they would be best suited in huge operations involving a loop or counter and you have a fixed number of iterations

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