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Thread: 2003 for Developing Windows Mobile SE application with bluetooth

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    Nov 2005
    1 2003 for Developing Windows Mobile SE application with bluetooth

    I am working on building an application for Windows Mobile Second Edition on Visual 2003.
    1) Basically I want to pair my mobile unit with another bluetooth device through the normal procedure before entering my application.
    2) The mobile unit for which I am developing the application would be the slave.
    3) Now I want to build an application in 2003 to receive data from the paired device whenever its sent from the master, parse the data and display it on the screen.

    Could someone please help me out with this - as in if this is possible and what is the best way to go about this. Additionally I want to know whether I can request for the data.

    Awaiting your reply.

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    Apr 2005

    i m also luking for the same solution

    hi all

    i m also luking for the same solution


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