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Thread: Displaying Arraylist objects in a Table format

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    Oct 2005

    Displaying Arraylist objects in a Table format

    I'm writing a program that uses an Arraylist to store data.
    This data is nothing more than some Strings, ints, and chars.
    I'm trying to figure out a good way to print out the Arraylist objects, preferably in a table format.
    To my knowledge, JTable can only print out two dimensional arrays...but i could be wrong.
    If anyone can inform me of a good way to do this, I'd be really grateful.
    Additionally, I'm still new to Arraylist, and I'm not entirely sure of the protocol to access variables from an Arraylist object....

    Also, if displaying my code would help, let me know. I'd just have to upload the files.
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    Sep 2005

    Question Try using a JComboBox?


    If it is ok with you, why not try using a JComboBox on one of the cells of your table to display another array of data.

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