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Thread: Workbook not Closing Properly by Excel VBA

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    Nov 2005

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    I am stumped by this problem!
    I have written code to open an excel workbook.
    modify information through a user form
    & repost to the workbook and then
    close the workbook.
    the code then calls a Sub to rename the folder the workbook is in.
    Everything works fine Untill renaming the folder then I get I get error 75
    (path/file access error).
    While keeping excel open,
    I have tried to manually renaming the folder and get a Windows Sharing Error
    If I close Excel I can rename the folder immediatly
    therefore I think Excel VBA is not closing the file proprerly (totaly??)

    is the rename folder code processing before the save & close procedure is complete?
    Can anyone explain what has happend & how to fix it?


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    Dec 2003
    Where is code located that renames the folder the workbook is in?
    Microsoft MVP (Visual Basic)

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