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Thread: Windows Forms custom controls

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    Aug 2005

    Custom controls

    Could anyone help with this one

    Have posted this before on a previous thread called database application/databinding to datagrid which I had great help on (thanks whoever you are) but what I'm required to do now is run 3 custom controls instead which are as follows

    Customer details (5 textboxes 1 combobox) (user control)

    DataGrid displaying order information (inherit from datagrid)

    DataGrid displaying order details (inherit from datagrid

    I know I have to create a Windows Control Library project but can I make all 3 controls in one control library or do I have to create separate libraries for the 3 projects

    Also any tips/advice on how I need to alter the coding I already have to cater for the change in design of the program

    I can attach my coding for the last project if anyone is willing to help

    Thanks in advance

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    Feb 2004
    Longueuil, Québec
    You can save as many controls as you want in a Control Library.

    In fact, you do not even have to create a Control Library, a standard Class Library does it as well.

    The only difference between a Control Library and a Class library is the first file that is automatically created for you when you create the project. Otherwise, both compile as a dll.
    Jacques Bourgeois

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