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Thread: Oreacle licensing for dual core processors

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    Nov 2005

    Cool Oreacle licensing for dual core processors


    Is there a reason why we have to pay more for licensing for a different kind

    of processor?

    Why are we not charged for the Hyperthreading on some processors also.

    If Oracle is really conserned about the low end business market (small and

    medium), then they should drop their attitude on Dual Core processors.

    If they start charging as if it was a normal processor, and ask the normal

    price, then they would get more of this market coming in.

    As long as Oracle keeps on having the attitude of charging more, because

    Intel or some other cpu vendor decided to improve their processors because

    of overheating problems, I will have the attitude that I will keep on

    reoccomending alternatives for Orcle like Mysql / Postgre sql / Sybase, etc

    to the small/medium sector.

    Microsoft's pricing model on double core processors suddenly sound allot


    Oracle are shooting themselves in the foot!

    Shaun O'Reilly

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    Feb 2004
    Indianapolis, IN
    The same type of issues are now happing with virtualization as well. For example, if I have Virtual PC software running on my machine running Windows XP (or any operating system that has a fee), should I be able to install copies of Windows XP (or any OS) in the Virtual Machines? The same question happens with databases - If I install Oracle into two separate virtual machines on the same computer, should there be a need to get more than one license? And if you had a dual-core machine, with two virtual windows, would you need to get four licenses?

    A agree that Microsoft seems to be looking at all of this and trying to be the most reasonable. Time will tell how things shake out!


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