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Thread: java key-events problem

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    Dec 2005

    Arrow java key-events problem

    hello everybody.
    i have to do a simple animation, where the user intaracts by pressing some keys (up, down, left, right) and a ball moves on the screen.

    i made a class like: "class MoveBall extends Frame implements KeyListener, Runnable", with all the functions so i can move the ball in all 4 directions, but what i really want to do is to press 2 keys at the same time (like "up"+"right") and the ball should move diagonally right and up, which doesn't happen... if i press 2 keys, the ball moves either up, either right, depending which i pressed last.

    i guess the application can handle only one function at a time (keyPressed or keyTyped).. i mean, if i press a key, i have to lift it and press another to execute the functions again.. but i really don't know

    can anybody help me with at least a general idea? or an example would be very useful (what i found on the net were just simple animation with no complicated user interference..)
    thanks all.

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    Dec 2005
    but what if i have 2 balls, and i want one to move up, and the other to move right, isn't there any specific solution for something like this?

    one of my initial ideas was to somehow combine 2 threads.. one was to listen if a key was pressed, the other the same.. but i have no clue where to begin

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    Oct 2005

    I found this link that shows how to map keystrokes directly to actions

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