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Thread: newbie getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

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    Dec 2005

    newbie getting java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

    When I try to run a program I'm writing, Bouncy.class, I get

    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Bouncy/class

    Everywhere I look for a solution to this problem it says to add . to the CLASSPATH. I already have it!

    sealth:~/tmp dana$ echo $CLASSPATH

    The one thing I can see that is odd is that in all the other examples I see the error is the equivalent to "NoClassDefFoundError: Bouncy" whereas I have "NoClassDefFoundError: Bouncy/class". So I figure the problem lies in that extra "/class". Any ideas what the problem is? I'm using a Mac if that affects anything.

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    Oct 2005

    Thrown if the Java Virtual Machine or a ClassLoader instance tries to load in the definition of a class (as part of a normal method call or as part of creating a new instance using the new expression) and no definition of the class could be found.

    The searched-for class definition existed when the currently executing class was compiled, but the definition can no longer be found.

    I would need more info from you. Does it compile?

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    Nov 2004
    In general, if you compile source file(s) with a package directive, say "package tata;"
    in top of the code, and the compilation is done in folder "abc" then the class files will
    be in folder: "abc/tata".

    To run the program, say MyProg.class (on windows) you navigate to the abc folder and issue the
    command: java ttata.Myprog.

    In your case its the main class that cannot be found.

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